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LEARN-TO-RIDE focuses on you the rider, to ensure you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to ride a motorcycle in 3 easy steps

Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities.


Riding a motorcycle comes with many benefits

Commuting by motorcycle offers a sense of freedom and flexibility, allowing riders to navigate through traffc more effciently and enjoy a more engaging experience compared to being stuck in a car. Additionally, motorcycles often provide a more affordable means of transportation, both in terms of fuel effciency and maintenance costs. Moreover, riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating hobby, offering an adrenaline rush and a connection with the open road that many enthusiasts find deeply satisfying.


Start your riding journey in 3 EASY STEPS, view our partners and government portals below


Riding School

We recommend using our partners as this is a vital stage of the process. You will learn crucial skills and road safety. Our partner schools offer comprehensive instructions, personalised guidance, and practical experience to prepare you for the final practical examination. The schools offer loan motorcycles to complete the practical test.

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Learner’s License

Visit the the National Traffic Information System online (NaTIS) to book your learner's license for a motorcycle which involves passing a written exam on traffic laws and basic motorcycle operation. Once obtained, this permit allows you to practice riding under restrictions such as supervision or limited riding conditions, providing valuable experience before pursuing a full license.

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Riders License

Complete the final step, visit the National Traffic Information System online (NaTIS) to book your riders license (Code A). Which is the culmination of your journey toward motorcycle proficiency. After completing the required training and passing both written and practical exams, you're granted the privilege to ride independently on the open road.

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After acquiring your Learners license, you're permitted to commute on a motorcycle alone, no pillions. If you're 16, there are restrictions on engine capacity, but if you're older, there are none. Additionally, you're eligible to apply for finance on a motorcycle. Triumph offers a variety of budget-friendly motorcycles starting from as low as R 2,745.00 per month (for new ones), ideal for transportation with their excellent fuel effciency and manageable maintenance expenses. View featured motorcycles .



Biker Bravado’s expertise lies in equipping individuals with the skills to ride their motorcycles safely, securely and confidently. For novice riders, we offer a well-located motorbike training yard in Randburg, Gauteng. Our package prices cover the use of our bikes, with the exception of the K53 practical test, which requires you to bring your own bike, or to rent one of ours. For more information, feel free to check out our FAQ section.

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Bike Savvy is a Cape Town based Motorcycle Training School established in 2005, boasting a high first time pass rate. We train you in all aspects of riding from basic operation to advanced aspects. Correct braking, cornering, and defensive riding as well as the specific manoeuvres to pass you riders license are on the curriculum. Bikes available to rent for your K53 test.

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